App Development

Manage aviation IOS and Android Application development.  

UAS Crash Investigation

Not only do we build apps, but we also investigate UAS accidents. The knowledge built serving the U. S. Army directly supports investigation UAS accidents. Dave started investigating UAS accidents while deployed in Iraq. After returning from Iraq, Dave was assigned to the U.S. Army Program Office for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PM-UAS) as a Safety Officer, where he continued to investigate UAS accidents and provide recommendations to prevent future accidents.  Aviation Applications understands the differences when investigating a UAS accident versus a manned platform accident/incident. Issues such as latency, communications, line-of-sight, data capture devices, primary and secondary links, frequency control de-confliction, ground control systems, etc. all are just some of the issues to be captured as well as human factors, training, maintenance, timelines and weather which all can have effects on a successful flight. Dave’s extensive experience in UAS accident investigation makes him the perfect candidate to investigate and determine present and contributing, and present but non-contributing causes/issues with your next accident.